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Our apps

make it easier to communicate with pictures


The most inspiring photo editor for your phone and tablet. With a clean and beautiful design, Repix lets you create stunning photos that get noticed. Apple Editors' Choice and featured in over 100 countries, Repix is becoming the app for creative photo editing.


Camu is a simple, connected camera app for your smartphone. It has all the essential tools in one simple package to capture great shots and share those with the people you care about. It’s the mobile camera done right.

The Team

Combination of creativity, design & advanced technology

Ilkka Teppo

Ilkka has built products and businesses for over a decade at bigger companies and startups. He's connecting the dots between business, design and engineering.

Aaro Väänänen

Aaro is the creative mastermind. When he's not building great new apps, he's making existing better, much better.

Jarno Fabritius

Jarno has been designing interfaces soon half of his life. He's known for his keen eye for details and relentless attitude. More challenging project, the better.

Jarno Heikkinen

Jarno is hands-on-elbow-deep software designer, sort of all-around specialist. When not RESTing or optimizing pixel shaders, he goes into the wilderness to create some Bayer mosaics.

Tuomo Hirvonen

Tuomo is an experienced programmer with a passion to create unique beauty with his skills. When he has a new idea in his mind, he will not stop until it's completely tested.

Miika Fabritius

Miika is a designer and a coder. Miika spend most of his time making interfaces usable and pretty. He's a major perfectionist and will go over every last detail to make sure things are just right.